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words, words, words

I never listened when they told me to shut up.

⌈m e y h a m⌋
16 August 1990
⌈m e y h a m⌋: noun. Gender-neutral chibi thing.

You can usually find me lurking around various kink memes and communities here on LJ. Sometimes I write things. I'm using FF.net a lot less these days, but my old fanfiction is still there. Please check out my fanfiction rec list, my current pet-project!

That being said —and having run out of witty things to say—, I guess I should actually introduce myself. My name's Meghan, and I'm in college for a major in Japanese and a certificate in women's studies.

Current (Shipping) Fandoms

The Avengers/ Thor
Sengoku Basara
Nabari no Ou
Yami no Matsuei
Legal Drug/ Drug & Drop
No. 6
Tiger & Bunny

If the ideas of a fujoshi are confused, she will become the slave to cliches and outside opinions... she who deliberates and moves her pen with intent on writing sexytimes, misses to a still greater extent the art of yaoi... write yaoi for ten years, become the yaoi, then forget all about yaoi when you are writing. In possession of an infallible technique, the individual places herself at the mercy of inspiration.

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Marriage is love.

I Miki Shin'ichirou

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