My classes for the fall semester

Second year Japanese 1
Introduction to Japanese Literature
Aspects of the Japanese Language
Sociology of Gender
Race, Gender, and Class

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No. 6 English dub cast announced

It's on Anime News Network, everyone.

Well, Nezumi and Shion aren't going to be played by my dream cast (which was Blake Shepard and Chris Burnett), but I'm not really disappointed. I actually considered Greg Ayres, myself, and while I though Chris Burnett would have been a better match vocally, Greg's a veteran and I have confidence in his acting skills. A quick look up of other parts that Kalob Martinez has had, and after listening to a clip from Angel Beats, I think he'll be good as Nezumi, voice-wise, anyway.
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Catching up on Kuroshitsuji, otherwise known as "A 13 year-old's Evil Grin"

Wow, so I guess we've gotten to that point, then, where Ciel is introduced to the traumas of dorm initiation rites.

I've really missed a lot; I thought I was just a chapter or two behind! I find now, though, after a full year of college-level Japanese, I can't help but notice and constantly stop to critique the occasional awkward translations that pop up with scanlations.

Aaaand I'm thinking that Johan Agares resemblence to Claude has got to be intentional.

I've forgotton how much I love Victorian slang; "fag time" /snerk.

And suddenly I have the dreadful feeling that this story arc is going to end up A LOT like the boarding school arc in Yami no Matsuei. And not just like, 'surprise, we're all gay', but like, people are gonna end up dead.

And wow, for the first time, we actually see Sebastian frustrated over being ordered around! Then again, as of current chapters, he seems like he's been becoming more and more human-like.

Seriously, this arc is following all of the classic 1970s' boys-love cliches. And I can't say that bothers me, really, it's amusing. Maurice is practically a dead-ringer for Gilbert, although I'd bet money that that Maurice is also a she.

Sebastian in a confessional?! Like I've said before: homoerotic. riptide.
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Question for Marvel fan friends

Question that's been bugging me for a while: If Tony Stark's father was working on the Captain America project during WWII when Tony was a child, how old is Tony supposed to be now? Because I can understand how he'd still be in his 30s (and thus appealing to a young audience) when the Iron Man series was created in the 1960s, but how is it explained that he is still in his 30s/early 40s when WWII was seventy years ago?